Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Night

Last night was a GREAT night!

Got together with my friend Kiersten! We went to the outlets to go shopping! There were alot of sales because of black friday... I don't understand why people have to go shopping at 2am on black friday... makes no sense! So kiersten & i went on saturday instead! Her and I got awesome matching hats! Haha Ill have to post a picture of them at a later date. I also gave her a birthday present which she said she loved although it was the dorkiest present ever! Haha

Anyway, after Kiersten and I hung out I got together with my other best friend Nicole! We went to walmart and realized we had the munchies and bought some of the most random food.. Haha

Cant forget "The Hangover" one of the greatest movies! We ended up leaving the store without the DVD and had to go back at midnight to convince them we really did forget it and they replaced it for FREE! Hahaha. Nicole and I also went over to our friend Amanda's house to visit her! We had an awesome time, dont think I have laughed that much in FOREVER!

They would both kill me if they knew I posted this for the world to see =)

Finally, this is a picture of me and Amanda's dog Gucci! One of the cutest dogs I have ever seen!

Okay, well this is all for tonight! Well maybe, if I can't sleep Ill be sure to update again! I'm not feeling so great so I may post more pictures later on!

"If I'm addicted to loving you, and your addicted to my love too. We can be them two birds of a feather that flock together" - If its love by Train

-MARY =)

Hello Blogger!

This is one of many blogs I have started, hopefully this one will last!

Let me tell you a little about myself:

My name is Mary
My life is a little crazy right now
My best friend Kiersten made me want to start another blog
I'm loving my life right now
College is way better then High School
Community college is just has hard as a four year school
West Chester is my school of choice
Working with adoption is my dream
I love being me
Relaxing on the beach with my ipod is my type of vacation
This blog is going to be used to talk about my day
I cant wait to move out
Someday I will move far far away from this place
I've got BIG dreams
My friends are my world
Justin is my boyfriend!
Winter is my least favorite season
I'd just tell you my whole life story, but its stilll being written.

Want to know more? Just ask me!

^ Yours Truly =)